Essential After Care Tips For Hair Transplant By The Experts

If you have finally got the hair transplant done and now waiting for the new hair growth then it is important to learn the care tips. It is of no use if you don’t have the idea of how you have to take care of the transplants.  Hair restoration surgery is a delicate process so it is important that its care should be taken in the precise manner. In case, if you fail to follow the instructions for hair care post hair transplant then there are high chances that hair transplant will get destroyed. Obviously, you will not want to waste your time and money both after getting the hair transplant.  In that case, you can talk to the experts from Birmingham which will help in getting the best hair transplants.

Suggested tips that you should follow, by Mabroor Bhatty, FRCS :

Here are few of the tips from experts from best hair clinic based on Birmingham:

Make sure that your scalp is dry enough: Since hair transplant is a surgical process so it requires a few days for healing. In that case, there is a need to give ample of time to your scalp to allow it to heal perfectly. You should try to keep your hair open and prevent it from moistening due to sweating.

Regular cleaning but in the gentle way: It is important that you should wash your hair transplant with shampoo but make sure that you should not disturb the grafts. Wash it after 1-2 weeks of grafting hair.

Apply ice pack to feel the healing effect:  If you experience any kind of pain on the donor or the receptor area is bleeding then apply an ice pack on your forehead or neck. Do not use the ice pack directly.