Don’t Lose Your Heart If Your First IVF Cycle Failed

Guest post by NewLife Clinic

Child is a blessing in our life, but some of us get this happiness in our lives after a long wait. However, science has progressed so much today that it can give you the joy of becoming parents with the help of different treatments and procedures. One such highly successful procedure is IVF treatment which can be received at any reputed IVF Clinic.

It’s Curable

Although, it is disheartening if the IVF cycle fails, it is curable. There are several reasons for failure in the IVF cycle. One such issue could be the age of the female as this is the single most important factor which determines the success as well as the failure rate of IVF cycle. With the age, quality and quantity of eggs declines and by the time you cross 35, percentage chances of IVF cycle success are minimum.  Ovarian response also depends on the age and with the age number of restored eggs also starts declining.

When you are visiting the fertility specialist, make sure that he is thorough with your case and has done a proper study over why did the IVF cycle failed in the first place. There could be various reasons ranging from the age to the ovarian stimulation and quality of eggs. It all depends on how well the specialist is able to diagnose the problem and works on it when there is time. There are various things such as changing the medication or suggesting PGS which the doctors suggest based on the reason of IVF cycle failure in the first attempt.