Choose A Suitable Stair Lift That Fits Your Staircases

In Somerset, the people who are disabled and cannot walk on their own need support to walk. They use wheelchairs to go somewhere but it is used only for flat surfaces. If they need to go down from the stairs, they are unable to do that with the help of wheelchairs. So, for those people you can buy stair lifts in Somerset that are available for different types of staircases. You can choose a one according to the type of staircase in your home and install it correctly to make their life easy.

Design in stair lift

  • For straight staircases – if you are having straight staircases in your home, then it is recommended to install the stair lift. It is the most common type of stair lift that runs along the straight rail. The installation might become problematic if the staircases are particularly narrow.

If the design of your staircases is mostly straight but it is curved at the top right, then you can buy straight stair lift with a bridging platform that enables the lift to land easily. They are generally less expensive as straight stairlift are easy to install.

  • For curved staircases – the staircases which are curved need the curved stair lifts that can turn around from the corner. The installation of curved stair lifts is more complex as compared to the straight ones. It requires arranging for the curved rails so that it fits the accurate shape of staircases. This is the reason that the product is very costly.
  • For Outdoor – outdoor stair lifts are installed outside on a pair of stairs that are following at the front door or may be down to the backyard or garden. They are mostly the same as curved and indoor straight stair lifts, but they are built by weather-resistant products.